Philippine Airlines To Stop Shipment of Shark Fins

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MANILA, Philippines—After environment groups lambasted the Philippines’ flag-bearer in the aviation industry, the Philippine Airlines on Wednesday evening has vowed to stop its shipping operations of shark fins.

According to a report from the South China Morning Post, conservation group Wild Life Risk and ocean advocacy group Fins Attached discovered PAL of delivering 136 bags each containing 50 kilograms of dried shark fins on April 16.

“It’s a total stop,” PAL spokeswoman Cielo Villaluna said. “We are stopping the shipment on all fronts…not just to Hong Kong.”

“PAL takes the issue of protection and conservation of endangered marine life seriously,” the airline said in a statement.

Alex Hofford, Wild Life Risk director, in the report said that they are “delighted” of PAL’s new actions.

“Obviously we’re delighted that Philippine Airlines has seen fit to turn its back on the dirty shark fin trade by joining a growing family of airlines that take their corporate social responsibilities seriously,” he said.

PAL said in its statement that it would formalize a policy to stop the shipping operations of the marine resource.

“PAL takes the issue on protection and conservation of endangered marine life seriously, recognizing that the company’s long-term interest is and should be consistent with sustainable and responsible business practices.”

Source: Bong Lozada,