The world’s most Wi-Fi-connected airlines are …

Remember the days when flying long distance meant at least nine guaranteed hours offline?

Of course you don’t, your brain is far too frazzled by constantly having to check Facebook and emails.

According to new statistics released this week by air industry data cruncher Routehappy, flying without Wi-Fi access is becoming increasingly rare as more airlines connect their customers.

This is good news for anyone who needs to Instagram their inflight meal or fabricate Twitter spats with imaginary passengers.

Bad news for those who need to unjack themselves from the Matrix for long enough to watch a weepy movie and re-balance their blood-Smirnoff levels.

According to Routehappy, there’s now a 24% chance your international flight will have Wi-Fi access. On domestic U.S. flights the odds rise to 66% — a figure nearly triple what it was 18 months ago.

Connection quality and speed are also improving, it reports.

“Wi-Fi is…

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SAS Introduce Brand New Long Haul Interiors

These are great plane seats! Hoping that local (Philippine carriers) airlines will invest in seats like these.



SAS, excitingly, have announced a brand new cabin concept for their long haul aircraft. Featuring business class, premium economy and economy classes, the new cabin and seat designs leap the airline into 2014 with a loud bang. Competing against carriers such as Finnair who have already pushed their airline forward with new designed cabins, SAS haven’t fallen behind, showcasing they know exactly what customers want.


Being launched in early 2015, the retrofitted A330 and A340 fleet will offer state of the art business class seats and renovated premium economy (SAS Plus) and economy (SAS go) cabins. We are great fans of the new cabin designs. The designers have gone for a mix of business elegance with contemporary cool, the results are sophisticated, warm and welcoming, and there is a hint of Winkreative’s Swiss interior designs which we are also huge fans of.

The business class cabin, featuring Thomson Vantage XL seats…

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