The Cheapest Places Around The World To Buy A Plane Ticket

With the tidal wave of low-price air carriers sweeping through Asia, airfares in the region look pretty attractive. According to flight search engine Skyscanner, the cost of flying is lowest for travel originating in the Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia, and Sri Lanka (this includes both domestic and international travel). Seven of the 10 cheapest countries for travel by air are in Asia:


The world’s most expensive country to travel in is Monaco, where it costs $316 on average to travel 100 kilometers by air. That’s nearly 40 times the cost of air travel in the Philippines, Singapore, and Malaysia, (in southeast Asia, budget carriers now account for more than half the aviation market). Greenland is the second most expensive country in Skyscanner’s rankings; there it costs $119 to travel as far. Also high in the tally of expensive air travel countries are North Korea, Venezuela, and Hungary.

In Asia, cutthroat competition between carriers is as important a factor in airline pricing as what customers can afford to pay. Viewed in this context, many of the countries that appear to be the cheapest air travel hubs in dollar terms are actually the costliest, based on the relative wages of their consumers. So while affluent travelers in places like India and China benefit from cheaper flights, extreme wealth inequality makes those airfares out of reach for much of the population.



Source: Quartz

Cheapest Airlines Found In Asia

World's Cheapest Airlines
World’s Cheapest Airlines

No-frills airline Firefly out of Malaysia has emerged as the cheapest carrier in the world, according to number crunchers at a flight comparison site.

After averaging the cost of one-way ticket prices operated by low-budget airlines around the world, has deduced that the cheapest airlines are located primarily in Asia, with Firefly taking the top spot for offering one-way flights that average as low as €30 — including checked baggage fees.

Firefly is followed by India’s SpiceJet, where average one-way fares go for €52 and Onur Air in Istanbul, where flights average €56.

Popular low-budget airline AirAsia out of Malaysia, meanwhile, comes fourth on the list.

Likewise, though Ryanair is widely considered to be the cheapest carrier in Europe, five other airlines bested the Irish-based carrier.

The cheapest carrier in Europe is Pegasus Airlines, where the average price per route, checked baggage fee included, comes out to about €65.

The Istanbul-based airline is followed by Air Lituanica (Lithuania), Vueling, germanwings, Wizz Air and then Ryanair.

After Asian, Indian, European and African carriers, Southwest Airlines is the first North American carrier to break the list, appearing at position 24.

Here are the top 10 cheapest airlines, including checked fees for a 20 kg bag:

1. Firefly, Malaysia
2. SpiceJet, India
3. Onur Air, Turkey
4. AirAsia, Malaysia
5. FastJet, Africa
6. Atlasjet, Turkey
7. Pegasus Airlines, Turkey
8. IndiGo Air, India
9. tigerair, Singapore
10. VivaAerobus, Mexico

Source: AFP, Yahoo News