PAL’s new strategic investor to be known soon

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Image source: Philstar
With the due diligence already completed, Philippine Airlines expects the entry of a strategic investor anytime within the first half of this year. PAL president Jaime Bautista declined to identify the investor stating that it is also an airline company. He did not comment on the country of origin of the strategic investor.
The Philippines allows foreign investor to own up to (maximum) 40% stake of a local company. PAL’s investor is interested in less than 40% although they are willing to give up the maximum allowed if the investor is willing to make that investment.


This new investor is can help contribute equity, management, route, codeshare and possible membership in an alliance. Despite being in “advanced talks,” the PAL executive said it is still open to other possible investors.

2 thoughts on “PAL’s new strategic investor to be known soon

    1. Jerry, you’re correct. ANA did due diligence with PR almost 3 years ago. When Lucio Tan retook PR from San Miguel group, it was stalled for a bit but now I think negotiations are underway again.

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