Philippines AirAsia, 1M Chinese Tourists & Caticlan Airport

Aviation News Philippines Snippets:

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  • Philippines AirAsia may delay its flights to Japan from MNL due to limited slots at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. In lieu of Japan, Philippines AirAsia if offering an alternative – TPE, Taiwan. It may be as fun as the “land of the rising sun.”Related image
  • Philippines needs 45 flights a day to hit 1M Chinese tourists goal. The 45 flights needed are set on the premise that the minimum aircraft that to be used is A320, all seats should be taken, and all passengers are Chinese.Image result for Caticlan Airport
  • Caticlan Airport passenger terminal is set to open soon. It will have 12 airbridges to accommodate bigger jets and more passengers. The runway was also extended from 950 meters to 1700 meters enabling it to accommodate A320. For now San Miguel Corporation, owner of Caticlan Airport, said that the construction of the interim terminal will be done by the end of the year.

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