Feature: Saudia Cabin Crew Berated For Not Wearing Hijab

A Saudi Arabian Airlines domestic flight was delayed for an hour after an old man kept shouting at a female cabin crew for not wearing a hijab (headscarf). Saudia female cabin crew are not obliged to wear a hijab but the uniform includes a hat.

In a flight from Taif to Riyadh, a passenger and his companion told the female cabin crew that she should cover her hair in front of other passengers.

Crew members stepped in and tried to calm the two men and to make them continue their boarding, but they kept shouting at the cabin crew who was shocked by their unexpected attitude, Saudi news site Al Marsad reported on Saturday.

The crew was forced to call the airport security agents to “deplane” the two men, and the plane was eventually able to fly out, one hour behind its schedule.

“There is a serious problem with Saudi companies that hire women without specifying that they should wear the headscarf,” Sultan, an online user, said. “It is part of the local culture and the women should adhere to it. If they do not like the rules, they do not apply to work. It is very simple,” he posted.

Tayyeb, another user, said that it was the duty of all Saudis to defend the traditions and values of the kingdom.

“The best solution for a problem is to avoid the problem in the first place,” he said. “The airline should not put women in direct contact with passengers and thus avoid awkward situations, especially for those keen on preserving traditions and customs,” he said.

However, Shihana, another user, said the old man and his companion were wrong in making public and loud remarks to the air-hostess, stressing they had no right to address her.

“Their irresponsible behaviour and reckless attitude gives the wrong impression about Islam and the way Muslims present advice and recommendations,” she said. “She is not going to appreciate such remarks in any way, and there will be hostility towards anyone who wishes to give her advice. At least, the two men could have talked with the plane senior crew, and not addressed the stewardess in such a manner,” she added.

Source: Habib Toumi, http://gulfnews.com


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