Mandatory Psychological Exam for PH Cabin Crew

Philippines AirAsia

The Civil Aviation Authority of the Philippines (CAAP) has announced that all cabin crew in the Philippines are now required to take psychological test before they are issued a professional license.

CAAP revised the rules for cabin crew licensing following an incident last year where a flight crew member intentionally crashed an airplane in the French Alps (last year’s March 24 intentional crash of a Germanwings plane by 28-year-old German pilot Andreas Lubitz when he was left alone in the cockpit).

This incident prompted changes in flight rules, particularly on having two persons in the cockpit at all times where a male cabin crew member is required to be inside should one of the pilots leave the flight deck for any reason.

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The CAAP likewise extended the validity of the license from three to five years.

Likewise, he said, aircraft mechanics are also required to undergo psychological testing because they could also interfere with a flight by sabotaging the aircraft.

All licensing requirements are to be personally submitted by applicants for renewal to the Cabin Crew Safety Inspectorate for review and certification. After paying the licensing fee, the documents are to be filed for processing in the civil aviation licensing officer at the FSIS-LCD.

The license should be released within five working days.

As for new cabin crew members, they must submit all application requirements along with their certificate of ground training to the FSIS-LCD.

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