Turkish Airlines and Philippine Airlines In Code Share Agreement

Turkish Airlines and Philippine Airlines have jointly announced the start of a code-sharing partnership effective as of July 1, 2015 that enables both flag carriers to tap into new markets and offer their passengers more travel options.

Turkish Airlines currently has three operations weekly on Istanbul-Manila v.v. route on which Philippine Airlines will place its marketing code while Turkish Airlines will be marketing Manila-Cebu v.v. and Manila-Davao v.v. flights operated by Philippine Airlines, at the initial stage of their cooperation. The parties intend to expand the code-share agreement when the frequencies of the operations between the two countries are increased. Such an expansion of the code-share agreement will allow passengers to benefit from better connectivity and increased travel flexibility between the Philippines and Turkey, and beyond the carriers’ respective networks.


Philippine Airlines and Turkish Airlines will work in cooperation to contribute tourism and cultural exploration, and to promote business travel between the Philippines and Turkey.

“We’re delighted to partner with one of the world’s leading carriers, Turkish Airlines. For starters, this agreement enables both partner-carriers to further boost tourism and business travel between Istanbul and Manila, and the beyond Manila routes” said Philippine Airlines president and COO Jaime J. Bautista.

“We are extremely pleased to sign this code-share agreement with Philippine Airlines and aim to improve our partnership to maximize the travel opportunities offered to our passengers through the networks of both airlines. Additionally, we believe that this partnership with Philippines Airlines will bring enormous benefit to both airlines from a commercial perspective in rapidly growing relations between our countries” said Temel KOTIL Ph.D. deputy chairman and CEO of Turkish Airlines.

Source: http://www.arabianaerospace.aero

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