Singapore Airlines, The Official Carrier of Philippine Team to SEA Games

Image Source: Yasutaka,S.

Singapore Airlines (SQ) – and not flag-carrier Philippine Airlines – will be the official airline of Team Philippines to the 2015 Southeast Asian Games.

Philippine Sports Commission (PSC) chairman Richie Garcia said yesterday that Singapore Airlines came up with many perks on luggage allowance and a measly quotation of $283 for a Manila-Singapore-Manila roundtrip airfare.

Garcia said SQ got the nod after PR presented a $300 offer for the same route.

“Not only did SQ come up with a lower rate but it also offered about 20 upgrades and a generous luggage allowance, something that will benefit us and the athletes since they carry a lot of gear,” said Garcia.

SQ’s decision to lower its rates and become official airliner of the 451-strong delegation to the Singapore SEAG scheduled June 5 to 16 can also be attributed to its celebration of 50 years of independence, said Garcia.

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