KID-Systeme Announces Successful Wireless IFE Trial With Cebu Pacific Air


KID-Systeme GmbH has announced the start of the trial for their wireless IFE system, named SKYfi club, with Cebu Pacific Air, the largest airline in the Philippines.

SKYfi club was introduced to the market in September 2013, as a wireless streaming onboard platform for passenger and corporate aircraft. It provides a wide range of onboard media applications and services. SKYfi is based on the trusted ALNA (Airline Network Architecture) connectivity platform, pioneered by Airbus and KID-Systeme in 2007 and widely deployed on more than 40 airlines around the world.

SKYfi club complements wireless internet connectivity services already available on Cebu Pacific Air´s onboard platform by offering wireless content-streaming to the passengers’ own devices, including music, movies, magazines and surveys. For the benefit of the airline and crew, KID provides comprehensive statistical tools with SKYfi.

The trial comprises five aircraft in total. Cebu Pacific Air operates its A330 aircraft on flights to Dubai, Sydney, Kuwait, Singapore, Incheon, and selected domestic flights. It is scheduled to commence services to Dammam and Riyadh in October 2014. Its network spans over 60 destinations, utilizing one of the most modern fleets in the world.

Software upgrade, content loading and the aircraft certification were completed without any additional aircraft downtime. The installation was carried out by Cebu Pacific Air and supported in a joint effort by an Airbus and KID on-site team.

Source: KID-Systeme

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