Cebu Pacific (Philippines) Nominated in The Most Creative Campaign By Airlines

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Cebu Pacific is the lone airlines from the Philippines nominated in the “Most Creative Campaign by Airlines” category in SimpliFlying Awards For Excellence in Social Media 2014.

The SimpliFlying Awards for Excellence in Social Media honor airlines and airports that push the frontier of innovative marketing in this age of connected traveler.

Now on its fifth year, SimpliFlying Awards 2014 include 6 categories that will be judged on two levels: public voting (30% of total score) and a cross-section of established aviation and travel experts (70% of total score).

These categories are:

1. Most Creative Campaign by Airlines – the most memorable and innovative campaign from airlines since 2013. The campaign is judged on (a) Novelty Factor (2) Online engagement results (3) Other additional results or metrics the airlines wish to highlight

2. Best Airline on Social Media – demonstrates how social media and other digital technologies are consistently integrated into overall marketing and business strategy for the airlines, especially in the past two years.

3. Best Emerging Airline on Social Media – applies to airlines that just joined social media or have showed dramatic increase in social media activity in the past two years. Need to demonstrate how social media and/ or digital technologies are used to drive marketing goals for the airlines.

4. Best Customer Service using Social Media – need to demonstrate the ability to respond to and engage with customers on social media to create value and meaning relationships with them.

5. Best in Driving Revenue using Social Media – need to demonstrate the  ability to drive sales through innovative and targeted campaigns on social media.

6. Best Use of Emerging Platform by Airline – need to demonstrate how a particular platform (any platform excluding Facebook, Twitter and YouTube) is used to drive marketing goals for the airlines.

Cebu Pacific’s Entry “It’s Sunny In The Philippines”

Cebu Pacific partnered with Geometry Global in Hongkong. A QR code is spray painted on the sidewalks of Hongkong with water repellent paint. The QR code, which leads to CEB website for flight reservations and online ticket purchase, is only visible when it rains. The idea is to lure Hongkong residents to visit sunny Philippines during the monsoon season.

The campaign caught the attention of online news sites such as The Telegraph (UK), Conde Nast Traveler blog and the Daily Mail’s Mail Online.

Cebu Pacific Air is nominated in the Most Creative Campaign by Airlines category.

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